aqua mac aboutAbout our organization and brand?

We are working in Zimbabwe and Zambia as the exclusive T-L dealers. In Zambia we are known as Aqua Aura Limited, and in Zimbabwe as Sinharaja Trading. Both companies are under Aqua-Mec management.

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What makes T-L products and services competitive in the agri sector?

Hydrostatically powered, T-L systems are designed to deliver continuous movement. This continuous movement means that:

Water and chemicals are EVENLY distributed over the crop

Gear life is extended

Gearbox wear is drastically reduced due to the absence of electrically driven system’s stop-start operation.

T-L systems deliver the best, most consistent water pattern available. Choose from two types of hydrostatic drives: worm gear or planetary. Both offer continuous movement and have no exposed, moving parts.

Which past projects in Zambia have been hallmarks for our brand T-L?

Kapinga Enterprises in Mazabuka is the largest private T-L user in Zambia. Wholly owned by Doug Cantlay, Kapinga Enterprises is a commercial farming operation that manages nearly 5,000 acres (1,980 hectares) of corn, soybeans, wheat, sugar cane and pasture. Of that total, approximately 3,324 acres (1,345 hectares) is irrigated. Although Kapinga Enterprises uses some overhead sprinklers and drip irrigation, most of the irrigated acres are watered by a total of 25 T-L center pivot units, installed by the previous T-L Zambia agent Multicrop (Z) LTD.

What will be your message at Agritech Expo Zambia this year?

Old Technology, or Proven Technology? It has been suggested that hydraulics and hydrostatic power is “old technology”. True, hydraulic power has been around for a long time, but there are good reasons for that. Hydraulic power is easy to understand, safe, efficient and economical. Virtually every machine essential to farming success utilizes hydraulics and every grower is highly familiar with the principles of hydraulic application and maintenance.

We would like to add that ?

We as Aqua Aura Limited and Sinharaja Trading are committed to serving both past and new T-L clients with excellence. We are contactable as follows: